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ART IMAGE is known for its design,innovation and quality. We take utmost care about how our products are manufactured, the environment and the people involved in the process are given top most priority. Our idea is to bring the best to the world and contribute to the society through design ideologies and product development.

We are a contemporary home textiles and lifestyle goods export house which redefines laidback luxury and comfort.

Traditional but also contemporary. Minimal yet dramatic. Expressive and Quirky-We believe in comfortable spaces which reflect good taste in design, and our products showcase just the right amount of quirk and craft. We create a vibrant backdrop for a life well lived, shaping up relaxed family spaces full of light and colour.

ART IMAGE home textiles and furnishings’ collection is completely designed in-house. We then collaborate with Indian artisans who weave with their craft and techniques, creating products that have an international appeal. These products reflect not only their hard work but are also a personal connection with each and everyone who plays a part in the whole process. Though Indian in origin, our products are global in spirit, fitting into homes anywhere in the world.


We believe that blend of art and and a commitment to handicraft could just don’t set out to be another home biggest.Instead, we wanted to be and handcraft the most beautiful and contemporary designs, an eye for detail, produce truly distinctive products.We textile manufacturer, not even the different from the league—to design fabulous home accents.

Sustainable, not seasonal.Responsible and tasteful.Eco-friendly and affordable, Spontaneous yet timeless. At Art Image we believe we have a responsibility towards the environment for which we use natural materials for most of our products. They are timeless in appeal; so that you can be at your comfortable best. Without worrying about redecorating your home with changing trends.

  • Life is meant to be colourful and bright – experiment and express fearlessly. No one likes it black and white only!
  • Together is always better – move towards a better tomorrow and take along as many as you can.
  • Perfection is overrated – Slightly ruffled and flawed is so much better.

When your life is a celebration, why isn’t your home a stage yet?


Our customer is a creative-minded person, whose choice is different from masses. He/ she has a sense of adventure about what he buys. For us, although art and handwork is important but our collections are also governed by the latest trends. Art Image is a portal of discovery—a brush with what could be. A place for someone to lose and yet find oneself.

Craft was never meant to be mass produced or created by machines. All our collections are designed keeping this sentiment in mind. We work with talented designers from around the world and take inspiration from tradition while keeping the core of the craft intact. We co-create directly with artisan communities to evolve products in forms and formats for the modern, global, eclectic audience.

We at Art Image are constantly inspired by the stunning complexity yet simple elegance of handcrafted goods from around the country - be it heirloom weaves woven on back-strap looms

We work with the best design talent to bring elevated design to outstanding craftsmanship.

We work closely with artisan groups around the country so you can create seamlessly through us.

We vet all our maker partners,ensuring that our artisans work in safe environments and are adequately rewarded.

At ART IMAGE , we dream of a world where people live lives that are driven by meaning and purpose. Art Image, for us, is our passion– and a journey towards more responsible and sustainable production and consumption around the world.



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