Who are we?

As one of the oldest and largest cottage industries of the country where India's heritage is still preserved : Jaipur. From hand-looms to handcraft timeless traditions, diverse cultures and unparalleled craftsmanship that have stood the test of time.
We " Art Image " serve your home a feel of comfort from fabrics and embellishment with beautiful patterned block print styles over it to create perfect aesthetics for your soul space.
we are praised globally for showcasing our country's ingenuity and expertise. It is integral that we understand its origins and evolution over the years. Hence, we are presenting the "ART IMAGE" - art work of Indian image of handcrafted to you. Connecting the lively story of Jaipur to embrace and magnificent the glory of your home.





At ART IMAGE, we are committed to making supplier decisions with social and environmental factors in mind. Overall, we put the customer at the center of all of our supplier relationship decisions. We follow high ethical and legal standards and work with vendors and suppliers who share our commitment. ART IMAGE is adamant about protecting the safety, freedom and rights of those who produce the goods sold by our website and through our wholesale business. We work with vendors across India to distribute and manufacture our products and also encourage our vendors to

partner closely with our designers and merchants.


Our mission is to create and incite meaningful change in the front-end of our own brand supply chain, from start to finish, to make ART IMAGE  more environmentally sustainable

and socially conscious. We are actively work with traditional block printing technique, sourcing recycled textiles and working them into home décor and other accessories.





Art Image was founded on the values and principles of inclusiveness and cultural understanding. Every day, we strive to do better, to be better – to better serve our customer and our community.

Since we know the importance of Handwork, we really value our Artisans who have been working for us.

As a company, we are making impactful changes that address our commitment to the artisan community and the handicraft sector in India. Since this is an unorganised sector, we make sure that they are paid reasonable price for their handwork. Specially our focus is towards the female artisans who work at home and make use of their free time to make themselves financially independent.

Join the collaboration with our artisan and curate your home with love.







"The Dying Art"  -  Our team is constantly working towards the upliftment of handicraft sector & sustainable livelihood. The need today is to conserve the art of handmade products. So, we have tried to revolutionize  traditional handwork of Jaipur and other parts of India to make products for a better living. 






Reuse & Renewal

Our team creates a circular lifecycle in store display by breathing creative new life into 'used' materials that are collected and then upcycled or recycled into unique artistic displays. we also reuse and recycle production remnants. For example, the waste fabric or leather is converted into recycled chindi rugs or used as patchwork to create new items.