Rajasthan: The land of royalty. And adorning this opulent state like a be jeweled crown is the capital city Jaipur. It is also known as the pink city for its trademark pink-colored buildings in the historic part of the capital.


Being a land ruled by different affluent Rajput clans, this state has been the center of culture. Due to patronizing kings and rulers, this state overflows with different arts and traditional crafts. Jaipur is known worldwide for its architecture, Rajasthani cuisine, traditional dances, and at the center of its all- handicrafts.


Bandhani, Sanganeri block print, Dabu, Rabari embroidery, Lac bangles, and Blue pottery are just a few of the handicrafts of this state. Resonating with the state Art Image's ethos mingles traditional textile crafts with the modern sensibility to bring to its customers premium, luxurious handcrafted products. Traditional crafts are synonymous with sustainability, which is the need of the hour. Art Image combines sustainability, crafts, and contemporary aesthetics in all its products.


A saga that started centuries ago through highly skilled artisans has travelled through ages into the modern world. Art Image carries forward that saga through its work and brings that to your doorstep through its products and practices.